Weather Update

Fort Bend Levee Improvement District No. 20 and Fort Bend County have experience heavy rainfall over the past 24 hours. Everything is draining as designed, but we are expecting additional rainfall in the next couple of days.

The Brazos River is expected to rise to Gauge 46.6 by early morning Friday, May 10. Access to and from Kingdom Heights is restricted when the Brazos River hits Gauge 52.

Please remove all trash cans from the street and check your outfall drains to make sure everything is clear. If you see significant street flooding, do not drive through it.

Residents should monitor for Fort Bend County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for up-to-date weather and flooding notices.

LID 20 Operators Training

On Friday April 26th in the morning you will see several trucks and or other vehicles up on the levee. The operators are having a training session that morning on event protocol and they are running drills. We are sending this so no one is alarmed by the activity they may see on the levee that day.

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